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    I can tell you a lot about Hoosier hospitality, but the day I worked a shelter set up after Katrina and before Rita (a Spring Break trip while I was still at Purdue), I knew that I would be happy making Houston my home.  I was so empowered by the enthusiasm volunteers brought to the situation, and I was honored to share in that energy.
    Years later, Ike left our own home with two trees into our roof, and looking like the worst hit in the neighborhood.  Our neighbors came to us with chainsaws and elbow grease, and I'll never forget that kindness.  Bring a Christian energy to an ugly sitation by sharing whatever blessings you can.  Volunteer or donate today. 

I'll make a custom fascinator headpiece for any of my couture bridal clients that participate and tag "Natalie Harris Bridal & Evening" in a photo of your volunteer experience on Facebook.

Here are a few great organizations to consider.    >
Red Cross
Houston Food Bank
Star of Hope Mission
Habitat for Humanity
Meals on Wheels
Help with furry friends:
   Houston Zoo
    Houston SPCA
Make a mark on a child:
    Children's Museum
    Fairy Godmother Project
Support our Troops:
    Houston USO
Empower Women:
    Houston Area Women's Center
    The Women's Home
    Dress for Success
    Mission of Yahweh
Hold Babies, Socialize with Patients, Answer Phones:
    Memorial Hermann
    Texas Children's
    Ronald McDonald House

(Some opportunities require a minimum hour committment.)
Share the Love!

Amidst the chaos of dresses and menus, tuxedos and playlists, it can be easy to forget that weddings are a celebration of love.  Honor your upcoming union by sharing that love in your community!  Consider including volunteerism as part of your special bridal party weekend.  Create terrific memories for that wedding planning scrapbook!  Pick your passion.

<  Kelley and her posse support the Montgomery County Red Cross in the midst of the Summer 2011 Wildfire Crisis.